Serbske ludowe zastupnistwo
Sorbische/wendische Volksvertretung
Sorbian/Wendish People’s Representation

The Sorbs in Saxony and Brandenburg have a democratically legitimized people’s representation – the Serbski Sejm.


Members, friends and guests of the Serbski Sejm, which emerged from the first democratic parliamentary election of the Sorbian/Wendish people in 2018, experienced a highly interesting and moving ceremony to mark its fifth anniversary on 17 November 2023 ...

The Serbski Sejm was constituted five years ago on 17 November as the first democratically elected Sorbian/Wendish parliament in Slepo/Schleife ...

Following the invitation of the Committee on Education of the Serbski Sejm, about 20 representatives of various institutions active in Sorbian/Wendish education, teachers and committed private persons met ...

Ceremony and outlook on the 2nd legislature


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