Serbske ludowe zastupnistwo
Sorbische/wendische Volksvertretung
Sorbian/Wendish People’s Representation

The Serbski Sejm presents the European policy initiative LUSATIA GLOW to the EU public on 8 February at the Press Club Brussels

The LUSATIA GLOW initiative on European integration, developed under the leadership of the Serbski Sejm and the Brussels-based SLAVONIC EUROPE Foundation, aims to actively strengthen European regional cultures as a connecting element („synapses“) between EU member states in overcoming confrontational nationalist policies that threaten the integrity of the European Union.

The regional cultures, which are predominantly supported by civil society and have so far often been insufficiently valued domestically, are particularly dependent on the observance of human rights, the rule of law and democracy and as such are natural allies of a transnationally positioned, strong and democratic EU. Investing in regional cultures is therefore in the strategic interest of a successful European Union as a globally exemplary confederation of states.

The press conference, jointly organised by the Serbski Sejm, Slavonic Europe and representatives of Czech and Polish Lusatia from 9.30 a.m. onwards, will be followed by a substantive workshop with the participation of other regional culture representatives from all parts of the EU, in which the substantive programme of the initiative will be presented. A livestream broadcast is available at:

The Lusatia Glow initiative is already supported by Sabine Verheyen, Chairwoman of the European Parliament's Committee on Culture, Manfred Weber, President of the EPP Group in the European Parliament, and Karl-Heinz Lambertz, President of the Parliament of the German-speaking Community of Belgium. Commission President Ursula von der Leyen signalled her interest in the topic of regional cultures as a factor for democracy and cohesion in the EU and sent her wishes for the success of the event.

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