Serbske ludowe zastupnistwo
Sorbische/wendische Volksvertretung
Sorbian/Wendish People’s Representation

Serbska debata „Sorbian/Wendish educational autonomy or business as usual?“

On March 13th, 2024 from 7 p.m. dr. Měrćin Krawc as a member of the Serbski Sejm in the Chrostwitz Jednota takes part in the 2nd „Serbska debate“ as a podium guest. The organizers are Serbske Nowiny, the State Center for Civic Education and the Foundation for the Sorbian People, on whose website a live stream will also be available.

„An open exchange on the podium and with the audience about possibilities for self-determination for the Sorbian/Wendish people has always been an important concern of the Serbski Sejm. Representatives of the Serbski Sejm co-initiated the series of events, so we are very pleased that these important discussions with the participation of a wide range of actors are now possible, and that is why the Serbska debata would like to advertise,“ said Měrćin Krawc, member of the Committee of Education of the Serbski Sejm.

Two follow-up events of the Serbska debata, also with panel guests from the Serbski Sejm, will take place on March 20, 2024 in the Serbski dom Budyšin/Bautzen on the topic „Who do we want to be? Indigenous, autochthonous or something else?“ and on April 10, 2024 on „Who represents the Sorbian people? Future of Political Participation“ will take place in the Lausitzhalle Hoyerswerda.

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